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Top 10 Jazz Guitarists You Should Know About…



Getting started playing Jazz guitar? Guitarist and educator Corey Christiansen provides 10 jazz guitarists you should know more about – with some album listening homework.

A big part of the mission of Jazz Guitar Today is to assist players who want to learn the “jazz language” get the tools they need to advance their skills, and indeed “art”. We at JGT have many entry-level lessons from world-class teachers to that end in our archives … and, even more coming every week.

I asked a few well known respected players and educators to weigh in on this question.  If you were to teach a class to people with no knowledge but a curiosity in the “Art of Jazz Guitar”, who would be the top 10 players they should know?

Corey Christiansen (guitarist, educator) sent us his list… If your a beginner who just happened upon our site with a hint of curiosity, go for it!  If you are a weathered journeyman/master of the instrument, what do you think of Cory’s choices?

Corey Christiansen

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Charlie Christian (Genius of Charlie Christian)

Johnny Smith (Man with the Blue Guitar and Moonlight in Vermont)

Wes Montgomery (Full House – and everything he recorded…)

Jim Hall (The Bridge by Sonny Rollins)

Grant Green (Grandstand, Standards)

Top 10 Jazz Guitarists You Should Know, Continued…

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