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Adam Hawley Putting An Edge On “Smooth Jazz”



Jazz Guitar Today’s Bob Bakert talks to Adam Hawley, guitarist to the biggest names in entertainment and a true guitar powerhouse.

Adam has been and is an “A list” sideman and toured with the biggest names in entertainment and performed on the largest stages.  All the while forging a very successful solo career in the “smooth Jazz” genre.   Whether as a player, producer, composer, or educator,  Adam holds himself to the highest standards and is a true guitar powerhouse.

Adam with Jennifer Lopez

While the purist generally doesn’t consider smooth jazz to be jazz at all. Not with Adam Hawley, he’s the real deal! Adam Hawley’s music is full of great jazz “language”.  His lines and playing are complex and edgy.  He has produced music laced with intelligence, true jazz lines, and phrases that are accessible to millions of ears through his hits.  He is a player of the highest caliber, holds a Doctorate of Musical Arts in Studio/Jazz Guitar from the University of Southern California. He infuses his music with an obvious nod and appreciation of the masters who came before him. Enjoy our discussion with Adam Hawley.

Adam with his PRS guitar
Adam Hawley’s latest release, Escape
Adam Hawley Live
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