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Guitarist Wayne Krantz Releases Previously Unheard “Music Room 1985”



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Jazz Guitar Today’s Bob Bakert talks to guitarist Wayne Krantz about his ‘latest’ project, Music Room 1985 – Video Interview.

Few musicians invest so much in the moment as guitarist Wayne Krantz, whose career has been defined by a fearless embrace of risk and a willingness to charge headlong into uncharted terrain — testing himself and thrilling an ever-growing legion of dedicated, adventurous listeners. Whether experienced on record or in concert, Krantz’s singular style, immaculate technique, and improvisational daring — combined with a subversive pop sensibility rarely evidenced in improvised music circles — have established him amongst the foremost postmodern guitar renegades of our era. Today the guitar maverick shares the first cut “Cowboy.”

Existing in a state of relentless forward motion, Krantz rarely has the time or inclination to look back, which makes the emergence of the newly rediscovered 1985 recordings gathered as Music Room 1985 all the more extraordinary. To be released on March 19, 2021 on the Abstract Logix imprint, Music Room 1985 was laid down by Krantz alone in a garage studio in the summer of 1985, with Krantz handling all the compositional and instrumental duties himself. Its six tracks predate his first solo album by five years.

Music Room 1985

For its first release, no re-recording or remixing has been done to Music Room 1985. While one cannot help but wonder what its impact would have been had it found release in 1985, given that it sounds entirely fresh to modern ears renders such hypothetical indulgences entirely moot. Wayne Krantz has always looked to the future, and the present has still yet to catch up with him.  

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