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Jazz Guitar Today Talks to Collings Guitars



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Jazz Guitar Today’s Bob Bakert talks to Aaron Huff, the head of electric guitars at Collings Guitars – Video Interview.

Bob Bakert, Editor: I was first introduced to Collings Guitars in the early 2000s.  I was performing mostly acoustic gigs back then and a friend had bought one that was nothing short of fantastic.  When I was looking for a new “ax” I found and bought a really nice D2H flattop.  I was hooked and started going by the Collings booth at NAMM. I’m not sure of the year but at one show I saw their new line of electrics and was really impressed with the quality and attention to detail.  I was blown away and fate would have it by then my interest had drifted back in electric playing.  The electrics are nothing short of fantastic.  I ended up with an I35 which I enjoy very much.

 We live in a great time.  So many builders pitting out very high-quality instruments.  This is my conversation with the head of Collings Electric guitars Aaron Huff.  We are later joined by a “cameo” from Mark Althans (artist relations and customer service).  I hope this gives you some insight into this passionate, dedicated maker of finely crafted instruments.

Collings Guitars
Collings Guitars

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