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Master Luthier Paul Reed Smith Talks About His Perfect Storm



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Jazz Guitar Today’s Bob Bakert and PRS Guitars founder Paul Reed Smith discuss why you can play ‘jazz’ on any guitar, as well as other things…video interview.

Jazz Guitar Today also reached out to a few people to comment about Paul and PRS Guitars.

John McLaughlin  – Paul Reed Smith is one of a very rare breed of luthier. He is able to transform lutherie, or the art of building a guitar, into a true art form. For proof of this, simply open his book of custom guitars and you will find art.

John McLaughlin with his PRS double neck Photo by Drew Stawin

Jimmy Herring – I am honored to have a friendship with Paul Reed Smith.  He is one of the most driven people on the planet… His never-ending quest to grow and evolve his art has been a tremendous inspiration. Over the years, he’s become a close friend and I seek his advice all the time.

Jimmy Herring - Guitar Wizard​ of Atlanta
Jimmy Herring

David Grissom – I’ve had the honor of working with Paul for the past 35 years. My PRS journey from the Standard through the McCarty model and now the DGT is one of friendship, inspiration, and knowledge. Paul is a passionate craftsman and musician whose relentless pursuit of tone has led to what I believe are the finest new instruments available.

David Grissom

Ben Calhoun, Righteous Guitars “Paul Reed Smith guitars have a consistency and build quality that is refreshing in today’s guitar market.  Here at Righteous Guitars, we have been a Signature Dealer with PRS since our beginning and our customers love these fantastic instruments.  From entry-level SE guitars to bespoke Private Stock and everything in between, PRS delivers a product that is both functional and inspiring for guitarists of all levels at almost any budget.  We are proud to have become a destination for those looking for a fantastic selection of the best guitars and amps out there including a huge selection of PRS guitars.”

Righteous Guitars Gallery

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