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New Single by Colombian Jazz Guitarist/Composer, Juan Dhas



“For A Chapter Closed, and Another Begun” marks a new direction for guitarist and composer, Juan Dhas. 

After meeting Tunisian singer Lilia Ben Chikha during his time in Dubai, UAE, they both reconnected around late 2020, and expressed a great interest in collaborating together. Returning after performing on Juan’s previously acclaimed single “Nomad”, is Sri Lankan Bassist/Drummer, Anthony Muthurajah, who also contributed Mixing & Mastering duties to the final composition.

The entire project has been a welcome adventure in melding Jazz with other cultural backgrounds, such as Lilia’s native Tunisian roots. Heavily based around strong melodies, the music has also been a fertile experiment in adding orchestral textures and distance recording. Despite the challenges presented with Covid-19, and having each collaborator contribute from their own location (Tunisia, New York, Dubai and Colombia), this single preserves the live and interactive feel of Jazz, carving a different path forward for Juan in the current times.

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