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New Release from Andorra with Guitarist Simon Krebs



New release from Danish group Andorra with guitarist Simon Krebs, fuses intricate jazz with deep grooves, cinematic effects, and an exuberant attitude – coming out Nov 12th.

Andorra members are all educated at the Funen Music Conservatory, and it has for a long time been a wish for all members to gather again for a common love of music. During the last year’s corona lockdown, the opportunity arose. 

Since the time of the conservatory each of them have developed in all musical directions, but it has now resulted in a beautiful collaboration with great genre versatility which is expressed in their distinctive and grandiose sound.

Mads la Cour – Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Martin Jørgensen – Bass
Nikolaj Bundvig – Drums
Simon Krebs -Guitar
Peter Kohlmetz Møller – Keys

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