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Paying Tribute to a Jazz Legend, Pat Martino



On November 1, 2021, we lost Patrick Carmen Azzara (Pat Martino). Pat was a giant in the world of jazz guitar. Jazz Guitar Today will be celebrating his life throughout this month.

Pat Martino August 25, 1944 – November 1, 2021

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A young Wolf Marshall gets called to the front of the class at a Pat Martino clinic – GIT, Los Angeles 1977
“I was still very much a jazz guitar student when I attended Pat’s clinic at GIT. We had already become fast friends and I was there to partake of his wisdom and musical genius. When he called me up to play with him I was floored. It remains a life-changing moment for me. I visit here often.” – Wolf Marshall

Pat Martino Special Tribute

PAT MARTINO: A Tribute by Wolf Marshall

Joe Donofrio Reflects​ On His Many Years Managing Pat Martino

Drummer and Band Member Carmen Intorre Pays Tribute to Pat Martino

Organist and Band Member Pat Bianchi Pays Tribute to Pat Martino

The Benedetto Pat Martino Model

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