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Jazz Guitar Today Talks to Mike Seal on Tour with Jerry Douglas and John Hiatt



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Jazz Guitar Today’s Bob Bakert interviews Mike Seal while on tour with The Jerry Douglas Band. Video Podcast.


Jackson Evans: Mike Seal popped up on my radar years ago on YouTube. Being a Benedetto guy, and somebody who keeps a close eye on the hubbub of the jazz guitar world, I was surprised to see a Benny player with whom I wasn’t already familiar. After some social media sleuthing, I became a fan.  I’m impressed with his cross-genre versatility, burning chops, and unique technique. My fandom has all culminated with the Jerry Douglas Band’s album, “What If.” The album is a genre-bending mishmash with a bluegrass soul and power-jazz sensibilities. Mike simply burns on every track. I can’t stop listening to it. 

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