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Wawau Adler Lives And Breathes The Gypsy Jazz Tradition With His New Release



Adler uses his original compositions and playing style to give his beloved art form a modern twist. ‘I Play With You’ is set to release on June 11th.

With influences ranging from bebop, contemporary jazz, fusion, and latin music, Adler’s style, voice, and commitment to modernity shine through.

While Adler’s Selmer No. 828 nylon guitar from the 1940’s has been his instrument of choice to date, this record sees him follow in the footsteps of his childhood idol Bireli Lagrene and pick up a Gibson electric guitar on choice pieces.

Having recorded a slew of albums with an emphasis on standard repertoire and celebrating the undeniable king of gypsy jazz Django Reinhardt, ‘I Play With You’ is the first to give Adler’s own compositions the limelight… alongside a couple of classics.

‘I Play With You’ is set to release on June 11th.

Wauwau Adler guitar, compositions; Denis Chang guitar; Hono Winterstein rhythm guitar; Joel Locher bass; Alexandre Cavaliere violin

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