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Quadrillion Project Back For A Third Installment



Chromatic harmonica player Mathias Heise brings his Quadrillion project back for a third installment of electrifying jazz fusion with Mads Christiansen on guitar.

Quadrillion’s original blend of funk, rock and jazz is delivered with electrifying guitar solos, squelching synthesizers, and hard-hitting beats to create an immersive experience of grooves.

While Heise’s technical wizardry and jazz credentials on harmonica are a constant standout, his choice of band mates keeps the bar consistently high: powerful metric trickery is provided by drummer Aksel Stadel Borum, alongside the relentlessly funky bass playing of David Vang and the lush harmonic soundscapes of guitarist Mads Christiansen.

Mads Christiansen

Mads Christiansen (guitarist, Mathias Heise Quadrillion): “For me, ‘A Call from Quad’ is one of the highlights on the album. When we recorded the track, I accidentally played a wrong note in my guitar solo, and in pure frustration I hammered the strings as hard as I could! My immediate reaction was “Damn it! Now I have to re-record the solo” – but when we listened to it afterwards, it turned out to hold the coolest angry energy, and we decided to keep it! It was a great personal eye opener, and a lesson learned that the perfect and planned is not always what works best musically, and that you must make room for your spontaneous emotions.”

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