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The Back Page: Jimmy Herring and Bill Hart



A common interest in both playing guitar and Harley Davidson motorcycles – 35 years later Jimmy and Bill are still best of friends.

In the mid 80s guitar was at its peak. The prestigious school in Los Angeles known as “Musicians Institute” (MI) offered courses for all instruments. Jimmy and I attended the “Guitar Institute of Technology” (GIT). Anybody who was anybody was there, from Tommy Tedesco, Joe Pass, Scott Henderson to Van Halen and Paul Gilbert, Alan Holdsworth to name a few. 

In 1986, GIT in Los Angeles started a satellite school in Atlanta for guitar players “Guitar Video Workshop” (GVW). The school was one classroom for guitar players. That same year, Jimmy Herring and I moved to Atlanta GA. We helped build the institute as instructors in its infancy. Being new to the area, Jimmy and I only knew each other. We bonded instantly and became best friends. At the GVW after closing, Jimmy and I would lock the doors and break out the amps and play guitar for hours. We both had common interest in both playing guitar and Harley Davidson motorcycles. 35 years later we are still best of friends and enjoying the ride.

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