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An Inside Look: A Special Collection Of D’Aquisto Guitars



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In this Jazz Guitar Today video interview, Ted Ludwig and Paul Asbell go through six very special D’Aquisto instruments.

Jimmy D’Aquisto (1935-1995) was perhaps the most important archtop builder ever, bridging the classic archtop guitars as made by his mentor, John D’Angelico, to the modern hand-made guitars made by today’s innovative builders. Yet Jimmy himself didn’t like being referred to as a master archtop maker, preferring to think of himself as an all-around luthier, capable of building anything, from dreadnoughts to carved archtops to solid and laminate build electric guitars.

While the Blue Guitar archtop collection was inspired by Jimmy’s groundbreaking Blue Centura Deluxe, the Archtop Foundation agrees with D’Aquisto’s view of himself. While today he is primarily remembered for his archtops for jazz artists like Joe Pass and Jim Hall, his clients included as diverse a group as Steve Miller, Paul Simon and Janis Ian. In this interview, Ted Ludwig and Paul Asbell go through six different D’Aquisto instruments that show not just the arc of his career, but insights into his own thinking–from where he would endlessly on a minute detail of the finish, to the practical aspects of his builds that are important for working musicians.

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