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Greetings From Slovenia, Italy And Croatia



In July, John Stowell & Slovenian guitarist Marko Čepak performed concerts and masterclasses in Slovenia, Italy and Croatia.

In the last 10 years John Stowell has regularly collaborated with the Slovenian jazz guitarist Marko Čepak Maki. During the process of collaboration, the music has developed in harmony, in a very original sound and style from which the idea to record the CD “Ghost in the Corner” that the quartet, the two protagonists together with Italian bassist Simone Serafini and Croatian drummer Borko Rupena, is currently presenting.

Guitarist Marko Čepak with John Stowell in Poreč Croatia (Concert at Lapidarium)
John Stowell from Croatia concert

Pangea Project: In paleogeography, Pangea is the supercontinent that is believed to include all land masses on the planet. Similarly, the Pangea Project aims to bring together musicians friends from all over the world in a collective that has a love for the guitar, contemporary jazz and improvised music as a common feature. The concerts take place in the countries of origin of the members of the project who come together in a heterogeneous way giving life to always different trios or quartets, but with the same matrix. Each time the members bring their original songs, their style and their way of experiencing music and guitar as well as the culture of their country of origin.

Pangea Project Kastav Croatia (guitar festival)Lorenzo Cominoli, John Stowell, Marko Čepak Maki, Sangyeon Park.
Pangea Project (Borgomanero Italy Blue Monk jazz festival – Workshop) Lorenzo Cominoli, John Stowell, Marko Čepak Maki, Sangyeon Park.

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