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Inside The ‘Jazz’ Version Of “Seek and Destroy”



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Jazz Guitar Today talks to Dan Baraszu and Joseph Patrick Moore about their version of the Metallica classic, “Seek & Destroy”

Bob Bakert: Jazz Guitar Today has as one of its missions to help promote the expansion of “what is jazz” and more specifically “what is jazz guitar”? What instruments, tone, repertoire etc.?  Cory Christiansen among others has said many times, “jazz is a language”.  That being said Dan Baraszu and Joseph Patrick Moore apply the jazz “language” to this unlikely piece, the “classic” Metallica tune “Seek and Destroy”.  

When I heard this I applauded them for their creativity and called them immediately to see if they wanted to talk about their choice… I love the classics and standards but I also love this effort at expanding the horizons and the genre… Can you think of a tune that you can address?

Send me your comments and videos but meanwhile enjoy “Seek and Destroy” (full video below)!

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