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New Release From Wojtek Justyna TreeOh! ‘Thrice’



Following the group’s well-received first two studio albums, the Wojtek Justyna TreeOh! returns with their brand of guitar-led jazz, fusion and funk with ‘Thrice’

Release Date Sept 15, 2022

Formed in The Netherlands by Polish guitar player Wojtek Justyna, it’s a truly European band; Austrian bassist Daniel Lottersberger’s heavy groove is supported by a festival of rhythm courtesy of German drummer extraordinaire Alex Bernath and Portuguese percussion wizard Diogo Carvalho who commands the balafon, vibraphone and Moog synthesizer.

Wojtek’s attitude-filled guitar playing leads the ensemble, whether it be through a searing, rock-fueled improvisation or a tender, jazz-grounded solo introduction. Carvalho’s balafon playing offers a welcome timbral shift and enhances the West African influence already prevalent in the ensemble’s sound. 

The bonus track features the incredible organ playing of Larry Goldings, a world-renowned New York keyboard player who studied with the great Keith Jarrett. Drawing from a wide range of styles sauch the blues, fusion, gospel, world music, rock, and more, the record is  a joyous and playful celebration of groove.

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