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Molly Miller Trio Performs At Atlanta’s Velvet Note



Guitarist and JGT contributor Bill Hart finds some new inspiration at a recent Molly Miller Trio show at Atlanta’s Velvet Note.

All photos by Andrew Joseph Agresta Jr 

Molly Miller Trio – Molly with Jennifer Condos and Zack Albetta. 

I’m a professional guitarist, strongly tied to instrumental guitar music. I have spent a lifetime journey in this style of music.

Molly Miller

As the sun set last night, there was a nice cool breeze as I rode my Harley through Atlanta. My dear friend Bob Bakert who is on the board of directors of “The Velvet Note” said he was going to stop by the club. The Velvet Note is the top premier jazz club in Atlanta. It is known for having the best of the best musicians perform there, including Mike Stern, Scott Henderson, Wayne Krantz, Dennis Chambers, Jimmy Haslip, Dave Weckl and so many more. So, I decided to stop by to see what was happening. 

Molly Miller

Molly Miller, a young female guitarist from Los Angeles, was there playing a telecaster with her trio.

Simple guitar, bass, and drums. I sat up front through the whole show and was totally blown away.

Her compositions were amazing. She had that Western country soloing intertwined with jazz lines mixed with funk and blues. The chordal movement on her guitar was like watching Chet Atkins play. 

Molly Miller Trio – Molly with Jennifer Condos and Zack Albetta. 

You never know who’s going to step into “The Velvet Note” and reset your clock. I’m so grateful we have a club like this to see and experience the truest art form of music.

My hats off to Molly Miller wishing her great success. I’m grateful for Tamara Fuller, Bob Bakert, and The Velvet Note for keeping true music alive. 

Molly Miller

All photos by Andrew Joseph Agresta Jr 

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