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Frank Scott Photo Expose “The Pat Martino Celebration of Life Experience”



Photographer Frank Scott shares photos from a special night at “The Pat Martino Celebration of Life Experience”

South Jersey Jazz Society presented a Celebration of Life and Legacy of the great jazz guitarist Pat Martino on November 3 through 6, 2022. Artists at the festival included influential musicians and jazz icons who have interacted with Martino throughout the guitarist’s illustrious career that spanned more than five decades before he passed away in 2021.

The gang at “The Pat Martino Celebration of Life Experience”

Chico Pinheiro and Howard Paul

Chico Pinheiro

Wolf Marshall

Tony Monaco, Wolf Marshall, Howard Paul, Jeff “Tain” Watts, Chico Pinheiro

Fareed Haque

Fareed Haque and Eric Alexander

Lefteris Christofis

Gino White

Sheryl Bailey

Joel Harrison

Sheryl Bailey on guitar

Russell Malone

Jimmy Bruno

Jimmy Bruno and Russell Malone

Charlie Apicella

David O’Rourke

MC and friend/manager of Pat, Joe Donofrio 

Pat Bianchi, Paul Bollenback, Carmen Intorre Jr.

Paul Bollenback

Pat Bianchi

Mark Whitfield

Pat Bianchi, Paul Bollenback, Mark Whitfield, Nicole Glover, Alex Norris and Carmen Intorre Jr. on drums.

All photos by Frank Scott

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