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Exclusive Video: The D’Leco Custom From The Blue Guitar Collection



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Guitarist Ted Ludwig demonstrates the D’Leco Custom from the Blue Guitar Collection – video #18 in the series.

Out of all the instruments in The Blue Guitar Collection, the D’Leco Custom is undoubtedly the most controversial.  This guitar is most kindly described as a solid piece of carpentry with a sound that would benefit from sympathetic amplification.  Jim Dale, the maker, was not asked to build a guitar for the collection. Instead, Jim heard about the project and asked if he could submit a guitar for consideration for the project. Dale had made few if any acoustic archtops before, and he wasn’t even given information about the blue dye the invited luthiers received.

More than one close advisor begged Scott not to include this guitar in the collection, arguing it was not the same quality as the other 21. Scott, however, admired the moxie of the builder, and decided to include it. So in spite of everything–the inexperience of the builder, the weight and thick top of the guitar, and even the blue automotive paint used, the D’Leco is part of the collection, and can even be called a unifying factor: the excellence of the other 21 guitars are defined by their contrast to the D’Leco, and we get a hint of the playful and generous spirit of Scott Chinery

Jazz Guitar Today features the Archtop Foundation’s acquisitions from the Blue Guitar Collection with videos of luminary guitarist Ted Ludwig performing on each one.

Videos produced by Michael Watts with the Archtop Foundation.

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