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Exclusive Video: Theo Scharpach’s Blue Vienna from The Blue Guitar Collection



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Guitarist Ted Ludwig demonstrates Theo Scharpach’s Blue Vienna from The Blue Guitar Collection – video #19 in the series.

Theo Scharpach was the only European luthier to contribute an instrument to The Blue Guitar Collection – Steve Howe in particular was vocal in his support of the young Scharpach’s work and just a few moments in the presence of The Blue Vienna shows exactly why. This is a powerful instrument with a rich, mellifluous voice. It also looks incredible with its daring use of a transparent pickguard etched with marine textures and the masterstroke of the headstock with its sweeping lines reminding the player of the work of the great French Classical luthier Lacote.

Jazz Guitar Today features the Archtop Foundation’s acquisitions from the Blue Guitar Collection with videos of luminary guitarist Ted Ludwig performing on each one.

Videos produced by Michael Watts with the Archtop Foundation.

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