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Perspective Of The Recent Peter Frampton Concert



Music lover Mauri Artz provides some insight into the recent Peter Frampton concert in Atlanta, on June 27, 2023.

I closed my eyes and I was 15, staring at the album cover and pretending that Peter Frampton truly loved my ways. He strongly voiced each lyric, played riffs that could have been in my ears as I gazed up from my shag carpet (Georgia on my Mind) and he nailed the iconic “Show Me The Way.”

I would have loved to be transported sooner to the land of the major hits, but he did bring his voice, his guitar voice, and an intimate sweetness that once again made me love him. 

I knew and loved Shine On and Lines on My Face (decades later wow that song titled resonated) I just wanted the heat of Live sooner. The audience was older (like me) pensive and not hyper-enthusiastic- but we were all glad we were there. We relaxed without the hyper audio and video of today’s stars and knew he was one of us. Forever. 

Mauri Artz – personalized, motivational tutor and music lover.

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