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New Album From Guitarist Scott Henderson, “Karnevel!”



Scott Herderson’s “Karnevel!” features a diverse set of beautiful compositions, and demonstrates his ability to combine elements of jazz, rock, funk, and blues in an authentic, musical way. 

The album was recorded live in the studio with Romain Labaye on bass and Archibald Ligonnière on drums, the same musicians on “People Mover.” After the live session, Scott spent quite a bit of time layering additional guitar tracks. “I’m happy I was able to come up with quite a few sounds I’ve never used before” said Scott in a recent interview. “The variety and pacing are very important aspects of a record to me, and this one covers a lot of territory, from heavy rock moments to very harmonic jazz, and there’s a solo guitar piece which is something I haven’t done on an album before”. 

After 35 years as a bandleader, Scott Henderson is a musician whose playing and composing continue to grow. Karnevel! available Feb 2, 2024

Scott replied about the album concept, “It comes from being a fan of the LA Fair and carnivals in general, not so much as a kid, but from being a dad. Disneyland is fun, but the fair is way more quirky, ridiculous, and always hilarious. It’s a crazy atmosphere filled with variety, like my music.”

To purchase Karnevel!

“Karnevel!” will be available at major retailers like Amazon, and in digital form at iTunes and other streaming platforms.

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