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New Jazz Release, Greg Chako Trio “Life After 40”



Guitarist and composer Greg Chako performs ten of his originals in a group with bassist Mason Daugherty, drummer Michael Meloy, percussionist Steve Thornton, and pianist Wayne Yeager.

Greg Chako’s new music, full of singable melodies, guitar solos that are both melodic and creative, and colorful percussion, often has the flavor of Brazilian jazz. Many of his pieces are taken at a relaxed pace including the opening “Jayflower,” “Life After 40,” “Bass-in Mason Bossa,” a tender “Jamie’s Waltz,” and “Miami Ballad.”

“Life After 40 is the latest milestone in Greg Chako’s career. He is heard in his prime form throughout the entire album making every perfectly-placed note count. His music is both accessible and consistently creative, melodic yet full of unpredictable moments.” – Scott Yanow

Check out “Life After 40” and other Greg Chako albums.

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