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What Are You Playing?



I am sitting with my guitar going over tunes for an important gig tomorrow night.

I have selected a variety of tunes mostly from the late 60s and early 70s… I like to play music that from my past give it my own treatment to make it “my own”.  I call it a jazz overspray.

I got to thinking and curious as to what kind of music our readers are playing and enjoying the most.  Are you playing “Real Book” and “Great American Songbook”?  Are you playing the Bluesier side of jazz like Grant Green and Kenny Burrell?  Is it Wes or maybe your a fusion player and like Scott Henderson and John McLaughlin?  Either way it would be good to know your taste maybe your favorite guitar and amp.  Do you gig out for a living, play out once in a while or just enjoy entertaining yourself at home?  Either way please drop me a line, I’d love to know.


Bob Bakert



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