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Questions for Oz? New Album Release? And anything else…



Sunday morning with ample amounts of Starbuck’s caffeine in my blood stream my thoughts are going toward guitar and development.

We are seeing a lot of very creative minds bringing some innovative ideas to our chosen instrument.  Some of them are very good and some need shall we say more exploration to really evaluate.  I’m a big one for honoring tradition in both form and function.  I really like the challenge of playing through the changes of “Waltz for Debby” on one of my heavily strung archtops, but I also like playing, for me, “out there” lines on my modern Strat with 9s.  To that end I will be reviewing and getting reviews of a slew of very different instruments over the next several months.  If there is something you would like us to look at whether you’re a builder or a player please let me know below.

This week I will be interviewing Oz Noy for a March cover story.

This is your chance to send me questions you would like me to ask… Oz has been around a long time and he has worked with the best.  I’m very excited to have this opportunity to speak with him.  I always want our interviews to be the voice you want to read… please submit…!As long as I am at it, we have a lot of great content coming but we always want to ask you for things you would like us to pursue…

Is there some content you would like for us to include… a person, a lesson, a review of shows, albums, instruments etc.

Also notice we have added a new “Album Release tab where you can submit your Album, CD, Vinyl etc.

Last thing for today, we really want to feature your city and we are actively seeking articles on the scene in your town.

These are very popular and helpful… about 1000 words and you can include video of your favorite clubs, venues and artists…  make JGT yours!


Bob Bakert



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