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Django Reinhardt NY Festival



Django Reinhardt NY Festival

Celebrating its 20th Anniversary at Birdland Jazz Club – November 12th to 17th.

This November marks the 20th Anniversary of the Django Reinhardt NY Festival at Birdland Jazz Club, produced by Pat Philips-Stratta and her late partner, conductor Ettore Stratta.

The festival, which began in 1999, has featured many talented musicians over the years who embody the gypsy jazz style of music by the great Django Reinhardt. Of these was guitarist Dorado Schmitt.

This year, he will be joined by sons Samson Schmitt (guitar) and Amati Schmitt (guitar), who over the years, have grown up on the Birdland stage and who have become virtuosos in their own capacity. With them are mainstays Ludovic Beier (accordion) and Pierre Blanchard (violin) who consistently leave the audience breathless with their performances. Joining them are more gypsies, cousins of the Schmitt family, Francko Mehrstein (rhythm guitar) and Gino Roman (bass). 

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The Django Reinhardt NY Festival brings the music of the great gypsy guitarist, Django Reinhardt, into the 21st Century.  

The high energy performances pay tribute to Reinhardt who is considered one of the greatest jazz guitarists of all time. Reinhardt’s driving, swinging style became known as ‘HOT JAZZ’. The Django Festival Allstars add their own interpretations and arrangements to some of Reinhardt’s greats, as well as create new and modern compositions of their own.

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